Your vagina will thank you!

Your vagina will thank you!

A good self care routine isn’t just skincare, but vulva care as well


Many of us grew up thinking it was unsafe to wash our vagina with anything other than water. However, there are times when plain water just doesn’t seem like enough. We all know the times where this happens: hot summer days, after a particularly gruelling workout, after some steamy times in the bedroom, or a long day in your period undies.


The first thing to look at it pH balance. What is it and why is it important? The normal vaginal pH level is between 3.8-5. This range is moderately acidic and helps to prevent bacterial and fungal infections. It is important to maintain the vaginal pH balance. Some soaps and intimate washes are too harsh and disrupt this balance. Also, we want to refrain from using soaps and washes inside the vagina, rather focusing on cleaning the vulva with a gentle, pH neutral cleanser like the Respect by Soodox Period Wash.


Why and when should you use our Respect by Soodox Period Wash?


Our period wash can be used daily for external cleansing of your vulva (and any other sensitive regions of the body). The wash is great used both before and after sex, on those hot and sweaty summer days, after swimming and exercise, and of course during your period.


Maintaining proper vaginal and vulva hygiene using a pH neutral wash like the Soodox Period Wash can minimise the risk of UTI and vaginal candidiasis.


Our period wash helps cleanse the bacteria build up to help prevent it from entering the urethra, causing UTIs and also helps prevent vaginal candidiasis through maintaining healthy balance within your vagina.


Additionally, Soodox Period Wash is perfect for cleaning your period cup or disc, your period undies and washing away residue from menstrual blood.


What is in the Respect by Soodox Period Wash?


Our period wash was developed by a woman for women, with a focus on respecting womens’ health. It is free from perfumes and chemicals and contains 100% natural ingredients.


The five main ingredients in the Soodox Period Wash are Monks Pepper, Calendula, Cucumber, Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Leaf. Here is a rundown of what the healing properties of our five key ingredients:


Monk's Pepper

  • A herbal remedy used for relieving the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and can treat menstrual cycle disorders.


  • Commonly used for treating minor infections and settling rashes and inflammations.


  • Frequently occurs in many health and beauty products, as it has a cooling effect, which assists in calming irritations and gently soothing delicate areas of skin.

Hyaluronic acid

  • An effective skin care ingredient that provides hydration to dry skin, with a formula that helps lock in moisture.

Aloe leaf

  • Has a pH that matches that of a vagina, ensuring that won’t disrupt the pH balance. It adds even more hydration and also helps to reduce bacterial infections.


Did we mention it also smells great? Our period wash will leave you feeling hydrated and refreshed, which is the ideal outcome from any self care regime. We promise you your vagina will thank you!


Choose Respect by Soodox for a healthier, more sustainable period experience that you can feel good about. Respect your body and respect the planet.