At Soodox, we conduct research, develop, and manufacture natural pain relief, personal care, and certified organic period products.

Our story

Established in 2010, Soodox was founded on the ethos of creating natural and sustainable formulations and products to benefit our customers' wellbeing and the environment. Our philosophy at Soodox is rooted in the belief that nature holds the wisdom that can benefit our daily lives. our commitments in developing sustainable products are to reduce landfill and to be eco-friendly.

Our mission

Our customers are our top priority at Soodox. We are fully committed to producing natural, high-quality formulations infused with soothing plant extracts that elevate their daily experience.

Our foremost concern is ensuring the comfort and healing of our customers. By utilising the power of nature, our products are dedicated to improve our customers’ life and well being.

Carbon offset

We have partnered with Impact International to offset the carbon emissions produced from the raw materials used to manufacture our tubes as part of our ongoing commitment to our customers and the planet.

Our promise

  • Eco friendly

    We are committed to creating products that are beneficial for people & sustainable for the planet.

  • Natural Products

    Derived from 100% natural sources and do not contain synthetic or artificial additives.

  • Cruelty Free

    Our company does not use animal testing in the development or manufacturing of products.

  • Approved & Certified

    All our products have undergone testing and approved for quality, safety, and efficacy.