Meet Our Founder – Shida Kebriti, the Woman Behind the Soodox Brand

Meet Our Founder – Shida Kebriti, the Woman Behind the Soodox Brand



As we kick off an active and healthy 2024, we sat down with Soodox’s founder, Shida Kebriti to ask her some questions about her journey with Soodox and learn more about the inspiration behind the brand and its first products.
Shida established Soodox in 2010, founded on the ethos of creating natural and sustainable formulations that benefit both wellbeing and the environment.
Where did the name Soodox come from?


I combined the word soothe with the symbol for oxygen from the periodic table O. I just like the idea of soothing, oxygen, and breathing; and this combined naturally with my knowledge of chemistry being a chemist.

Why did you start the Soodox brand?


I was working as a chemist and found I wasn’t happy with what was on offer for customers to help with wellbeing. I was doing lots of research into natural remedies and formulations,  and looking at innovative ways to produce products to help with wellbeing and daily life.


I wanted to see how I could take what was currently in the market and make it better.




What was the first product you created and why?


Soodox Original Pain Relief Cream was the first product I created. While working in pharmacy I could see how much people were suffering and how few options they had to choose from.


I wanted to offer a product that provided natural benefits, comfort and healing.


My colleague used a pain relief cream and I just couldn't stand the smell. I knew it didn’t need to smell that way. So making a pain relief cream with low odour was important to me.


Also, I was suffering from ankle inflammation and pain brought on from working out at the gym. So the pain relief cream was partially created to fill my own need.

What is your favourite form of self care?
I have two actually. I love a good spin class. I like the indoor cycling classes at my local gym. They get the heart rate going and give me that high you get from a great cardio workout without the impact. After the injury to my ankles a few years back, I found indoor cycling and that was it. I was hooked.
The other is cooking a really wholesome meal to share with friends and family. It feels really nurturing to take the time to prepare a good meal. Then when I get to share it with my family, who are very important to me.
What’s next?
My brain never stops thinking of new formulations and ideas for new products that can aid in wellbeing, so just wait, there will be more great products coming your way.
More about Soodox
Soodox isn’t just a business for Shida, it’s a way to promote a healthier, more eco-friendly, and more respectful way of life. Each product is formulated to use natural ingredients that can be sourced sustainably, while also offering a range of health benefits. There is plenty more to come from Shida and there has never been more ddedication to the creation of products that can change lives for the better.