Common Misconceptions About Hand Sanitiser

Hand hygiene is always a concern when it comes to keeping healthy. Although washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds is the most efficient approach to eliminate germs, using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser is strongly recommended when soap and running water are not available. Pro tip: the Soodox Vytal Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser is a great one to own. Unfortunately, as the trend grows in popularity, so does the amount of disinformation.

Soodox™ Vytal Hand Sanitisers 60ml

Using hand sanitiser leads to the development of antibiotic resistance.
Antibiotic resistance is not caused by using a quick hand sanitiser. Antibiotics are taken orally and have a different effect than alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Hand sanitiser contains alcohol, which kills a wide range of bacteria fast and does not remain on the skin long enough for the germs to develop resistance.


Using alcohol-based hand sanitisers results in the formation of “super bacteria.”
Overuse of antibiotics does not generate superbugs or contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, as does the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer.


Most hand sanitisers include ethyl alcohol, which kills germs in seconds by physically breaking the cell membrane and denaturing proteins within the bacterium. As a result, there is no way for bacteria to develop resistance to it. Furthermore, because the alcohol evaporates off the hands in seconds, bacteria do not have time to develop resistance.


Hand sanitizer destroys all bacteria, even “good” bugs.
Another long-held misconception is that hand sanitizers eliminate all germs on your hands. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers, on the other hand, function by swiftly removing transitory or illness-causing bacteria. Hand sanitizers not only kill transitory bacteria, but they also kill resident microorganisms, commonly known as “good germs.” Resident germs, on the other hand, grow back fast, unlike transitory germs (which are not local to the skin). Because of this rapid development, resident bacteria are still present in the microbiota of the hand.


For all your hand sanitizing needs, the Soodox Vytal Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser should be the right choice. It is an antibacterial hand sanitiser developed in Australia that helps to prevent the transmission of dangerous germs and bacteria. In addition to that, it is also a great complement to personal hygiene routines, and is safe for all skin types.

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