“We are committed to positive outcomes for our environment and customers”

our story

Soodox was founded on the ethos of developing natural and sustainable formulations to help our customers and have a positive impact on the environment we all share. It is our philosophy that nature is something that comes to us when we step outside. It’s like having a magnet to keep us in touch with the elements that make up our world.

Committed to developing products that are made with the finest ingredients, Soodox uses the wisdom of nature to create products that are both natural and sustainable. We believe that by carefully engineering the use of our products, we could help awaken the body’s natural functions.

We do not test on animals and focus on using 100% Naturally Active Ingredients across our range of products.


Quality Products

We take great pride in developing quality products that provide the best care of our customers and the environment.


Active Natural Ingredients

We focus on using 100% Naturally Active Ingredients across our range of products.


Putting People First

We believe caring for our customers is crucial to our success.
We do not test on animals.

OUr focus

We believe in putting customers first in everything we do, from the formulations to delivering high-quality products aimed at improving daily life. It is important for us to know that our customers experience comfort and healing when using our products.


The goal of our products is to help nourish and improve the skin for long-term use. They’re designed to work seamlessly into a daily routine and are formulated to be part of a healthy lifestyle. We believe in becoming that one product customers can rely on when it comes to healing, cleaning, and nourishing their skin.


Everything is created with an emphasis on being friendly to our environment and our customers. It is a perfect way for our customers to connect with nature and to truly understand how much our environment gives us, and how much more we have to give back to it.

Building our future with sustainable practice

As much as possible, all of our products are produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Our responsibility is to our environment as much as it is to our consumers and our main focus is sustainability. We hope that this practice that we have built for ourselves will be realized through our products. The goal is for our customers to have a rewarding experience as they take part in building a future where the planet is well taken care of.


We have also partnered with Impact International to offset the carbon produced from the raw materials used to manufacture our tubes.

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